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About Us

We craft premium matcha tea, for a healthier you, and a greener planet. 

 We specialize in bringing you the highest quality matcha green tea on planet Earth. Our matcha comes directly from small farms in Japan, and we work closely with our growers to ensure that we are providing our customers with the finest, most premium matcha available.

We offer variety of matcha products, including traditional ceremonial-grade matcha, and will soon be releasing everyday-grade and culinary-grade matchas, for sipping, cooking baking, and making lattes with. We also offer a selection of traditional matcha tea accessories, such as chasen (tea whisks), chawan (tea bowls), and gift sets.

Our goal is to promote the health benefits and traditional culture of matcha to all our customers. We believe in the power of matcha to improve overall well-being and provide a daily ritual of mindfulness and relaxation. We are passionate about sharing our love for matcha and educating our customers about its history, preparation, and usage.

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