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About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to fuel peoples' days with natural, plant-based energy.


 Our Story

Earth Matcha was founded by a team of Matcha enthusiasts. After a good friend introduced us to Matcha as a gift from Japan, we instantly fell in love with this magical green tea powder, as it changed our lives. As we began to drink it daily, we noticed it was improving our productivity, mental clarity, and overall health and well-being. After many years of supercharging our lives with Matcha, and realizing everyone who we introduced to matcha started loving it, we realized we needed to share this with more people. For nearly 5 years, we searched far and wide to source the absolute most pure, premium, organic Matcha on the planet. After building many new friendships, we finally came across a small family-owned organic farm in the mountains of Nishio Japan, who has been producing Matcha for hundreds of years, under the same ancient harvesting practices and methods. While popular in the local regions of Japan, the rest of the world did not know about this pure, natural superfood. After learning more about the farmers and the uniqueness of the Matcha they created in small batches, we selected them to produce the finest Matcha available. Since it is one ingredient, straight from the Earth, we decided to call it: Earth Matcha.

 Our Matcha

It took us nearly 5 years of constant searching to find the perfect matcha, but we finally did it! Only the best matcha deserves to be called Earth Matcha. Grown in the mountains of Shizouko, Nishio, Japan, our Matcha really is the finest available. The delicious smooth texture and sweet grassy flavours are a delight to be enjoyed hot or cold! By drinking the entire tea leaf, you're getting all of the energy and health benefits from the plant.


 Our Commitment to the Planet

We’re what you’d call ‘Tree Huggers.’ But have you ever actually hugged a tree? No, we’re serious... actually hugged a tree. It’s an amazing feeling. Something grown from the Earth, that started from seed, is now providing you with: shade, oxygen, fruit, and a place to lean on while sipping your Matcha. It's incredible!

We love trees, and we want to protect them and the rest of our planet as much as we can, so we use as much recycled + recyclable packaging as possible, for all of our products. Sustainability is essential in what we do, as our planet gives so much to us, and we want to give back to it. We will continue to strive toward becoming as "green" as possible in everything we do, because we believe the little things make the biggest difference.

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